Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lowlights From 2011

Just a couple pieces I did and some bits from my sketchbook over the past year. In my personal opinion, not a whole lot to get excited about, but at least I'm drawing regularly. The highlight is the mosiac below, which was made from paper tiles hand-painted by me when I was taking art classes at the University of Kentucky. They've been waiting for 15 years just to be in this mosiac and didn't even know it!

I also did this Christmas card. Just drew it straight-up in Photoshop using my Wacom tablet.

Quick cafe portraits. Hmm, shame, no women!

Caricatures of my brother, Nick Kondo and Nick Vigna, and a spaceman ...

Abstract weirdness done while on jury duty ...

A sneak peek at a comic strip I've been developing. The old man at the bottom right is based on my late grandfather.

More to come.