Monday, March 24, 2008

Bottom Feeders ...

Who knew drawing starfish could be so fun?

In my video for "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi," there will be starfish in the background moving to the music. I'm not sure if the designs for the final animation will have so much detail. It might make more sense for them to be simplified shapes. The song very much describes a dream, or an escape to another plane, so appropriately, I want the visuals to be more abstract. I'm aiming for life that comes from the "Id." I want everything to look like the product of someone's imagination, or how the protagonist will perceive things in another existence.

Still, I enjoyed drawing them. Starfish always had a creepy quality for me. They're so quiet and unassuming, but they're predators. I wanted to explore a "deadly beauty" design for them.

I'd like to have shellfish scurrying along the bottom at some point. Again, I don't think these are strange enough. I really want them to look different, but getting some ideas down on in my sketchbook lets me see what works.

Now, if I can stay awake, I'm gonna watch "Paprika" and see if it gives me any ideas.

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